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28 Yrs, United States

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*Cam Girl of the Year 2010, 2011! Top Camgirl 2012-2014!

Hi boys!

I'm a sweet southern girl wrapped in a 32D, 22, 34 package with lots of extra charm!

I'm cute, fun AND sexy and promise to keep you entertained all night long!! I love all chats, from sexy dancing/teasing private chats & steamy VIP sessions to stimulating & intriguing conversation :)So, c'mon in and let's chat, play and get wild together!

While you're here don't forget to swing by ClubAngelina where you can have me 24/7! It gets pretty hot in there ;)

*Have you had your Angelina fix today?*

***IMPORTANT NOTE!*** If ever you've requested a PCHAT/VIP/VOYEUR show and were 'DENIED' or 'KICKED' PLEASE know that I am NOT denying your naughty request! Never would I deny such naughty fun- I want ALL this little body can handle! I've seen a few msgs where my amazing fans thought they had done something wrong or may be thinking im a big biotch! I'M NOT! I promise I'm sweet as cherry pie!! *** xoxo ***


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    United States

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    101 - 110 lbs

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    Fri, 24 Feb 2017

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Customer comments (2)

Edge1709 18 September in 00:00

SO HAPPY SHE IS BACK!!!!! I literally just sat through a 2-hour members chat both super excited she was still going and super anxious for it to get over so I could get some VIP time!!!!! Playing with my heart!

olddirtybastard 19 August in 21:17

Angelina is back....yay!!!!!!!!yay!!!!!!ya y!!!!!!
I'm gonna go to Hawaii..yay!!!! Angelina is back...yay!!!!!!

You have NO idea how happy this makes me!!!
Is there a way i can get notified when you're on?? Does CWH offer this sort of handy thing??

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